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Individuals and corporations who want to help can do so in a variety of ways:

  • We recommend implementing a workplace education project.
  • Our learning programs appreciate donations of in-kind resources.
  • Individuals and organizations can advocate for funding that reduces the wait lists.
  • Leanne Lahtola

    I want to have a good job. This would enable me to support my family financially. Education would also help me to develop better life skills which would help me and my family. In the future I would like to attend a college training program.

    Welcome to the Brockton Community Partnership for Adult Education. CPAE seeks to support both adult learners and the network of programs that serve them by celebrating the achievements of our students and disseminating information about the impact of increased literacy on the family, the workforce, and the community.

    The Partnership maintains that an educated workforce is good for families, employers and the community.

  • Workers benefit because educational opportunities lead to employment opportunities.
  • Businesses and industry benefit from a pool of educated workers because an educated workforce is more prepared for the challenges of the 21 st century.
  • The community benefits because educated workers are the foundation of a stable community.